Together with our partner companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, we have a network of advanced railway experts. On request, we will serve you with our experts for a certain period of time.


Test Center

Our team specializes in helping you test and verify your tools, components or software. The validation of the vehicle and its safety functions is carried out locally in your vehicle or in our modern testing laboratory.



Support to railway initiatives (RUs) and railway infrastructure initiatives (AEB) when applying for A and B safety certificates in accordance with EU Directive 2016/798.

We're working hard to make railways more secure.

The rail system in Turkey, in addition to large investments in long-distance passenger and freight transport in our major cities, especially Istanbul, the largest projects are realized for the urban rail system. Together with the potentials in public institutions, private sector and universities, efforts are being made to design and manufacture completely domestic vehicles such as National Train, National Metro. In all these studies, the criteria in the relevant international standards and directives are observed, developed and developed, and all kinds of tests required by international standards on prototypes produced are certified. However, although the tests are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, both the testing teams and the test systems are not internationally accredited. In addition, public and private sector organizations in the sector need R & D support.