Welcome to ERC Railway Engineering, Testing, Certification and Training!

AEbt Group carries on business not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also in different countries of the world.

The group companies;

  • AEbt Angewandte Eisenbahntechnik GmbH in Germany
  • AEbt Angewandte Eisenbahntechnik GmbH in Switzerland
  • ERC GmbH in Austria
  • AAiT Angewandte Anlagen- und Industrietechnik GmbH in Germany
  • LZBahntechnik in Germany

are especially involved in the field of railway engineering, railway expertise, rail vehicles testing and certification (NoBo, DeBo, AsBo/ISA activities).

AEbt Group has started henceforth to operate under the name “ERC Ltd. Şti.” in Turkey.

Contact details


Maltepe Mah. Eski Çırpıcı Yolu No:8
Parima Ofis Kat 8 D:102
34010 Cevizlibağ, İstanbul/Türkiye